The Scene-It Cast #142 | Bob Marley: One Love, Upgraded & Past Lives Movie Reviews

Melissa joins Kova, Stephanie and Spoiler Steve to discuss Bob Marley: One Love, PrimeVideo’s Upgraded & Past Lives!

00:01:57 – Intro | Last Week in Hollywood & The Weekend Box Office (Estimates)
00:43:22 – Past Lives
01:26:34 – Upgraded
01:56:56 – Bob Marley: One Love
02:25:11 – The Banter Corner | I.S.S., Origin, Anatomy of a Fall, The Promise Land, Madame Web, Halo, True Detective: Night Country, The Bear, Abbot Elementary, Who’s The Boss, Good One, Thelma, Little Death, Dark, The Magicians, The Originals, Family Guy, The Bourne Franchise, Fargo, The Wedding Planner, Star Trek: Generations

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