The Scene-It Cast #113 | Barbie, The Beanie Bubble & Bird Box Barcelona Movie Reviews

Bianca and Nolan join Kova, Stephanie and Spoiler Steve to discuss Barbie, Apple TV+’s The Beanie Bubble and Netflix’s Bird Box Barcelona.

00:01:52 – Intro | The Weekend Box Office & Last Week in Hollywood
00:45:58 – Bird Box Barcelona
01:19:54 – The Beanie Bubble
01:56:18 – Barbie
03:09:54 – The Banter Corner | Alph, Liar Liar, Twisted Metal, Confess Fletch, The Flash, Based on a True Story, Muscles and Mayhem: The American Gladiator Story, The Blackening, The Haunted Mansion, Heels, Harley Quinn, Warrior

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