The Scene-It Cast #081 | Avatar: The Way of Water, Nanny & Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Movie Reviews

Nana, Nolan, Paul and Wayne join Kova, Stephanie and Spoiler Steve  to discuss Avatar: The Way of Water, PrimeVideo’s Nanny and Netflix’s Scrooge: A Christmas Carol!

00:01:50 – Intro | The World Cup, Good Rivals, The Box Office,

00:43:50 – Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

01:18:02 – Nanny

02:00:15 – The Banter Corner | Station 11, The Bear, A Christmas Mystery, New Girl, I Believe in Santa, Peacemaker, Indiana Jones, The Mummy Franchise, Psycho Goreman,The Godfather Trilogy, Emancipation, Scrooged, The White Lotus, His Dark Materials, Willow, National Treasure tv series, Documentaries, Barbarian, Ticket to Paradise,

02:51:06 – Avatar: The Way of Water

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