The Scene-It Cast #051 | MEN, The Valet & Operation Mincemeat Movie Reviews

We’ve got a HUGE episode for you this week with June and Melissa joining Kova, Spoiler Steve and Stephanie to discuss Netflix’s Operation Mincemeat, Hulu’s The Valet and Alex Garland’s latest film, MEN!

Our topics for today;

Can we PLEASE talk about Barry?

Why do historic films have to add on fictional ‘will they / won’t they’ storylines?

Should Alex Garland stick with feature films or move to limited series?

Is The Valet the beginning of a summer comedy renaissance?

00:02:48 – Intro

00:05:38 – Operation Mincemeat

00:48:43 – The Valet

01:23:28 – The Banter Corner | Alex Garland, Devs, Working Moms, The Sadness, Barry, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Conversations with Friends, Hacks, Shining Girls, Winning Time, They Call Me Magic, Severance, We Own This City, Candy & The Halo Series

02:25:10 – MEN

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