The Scene-It Cast #042 | Drive My Car, X & Deep Water Movie Reviews

AmandaDanQuinton and Steve are joining us this week to discuss the new A24 film, Ti West’s X, Hulu’s Deep Water and the history-breaking Oscar nominated film Drive My Car!

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00:03:33 – Intro

00:06:53 – Deep Water

00:54:53 – X

01:30:00 – The Banter Corner | The Abyss, Batman, The Lost Boys, Rashomon, Box Office Mojo,  The Evolution of Action Movies, From, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Ryan Murphy, Nip/Tuck,  GotG vol 2, Bel Air, What If, Daniel Radcliff, The Outfit, The Dropout, We Crashed, Super Pumped, Winning Time, Our Flag Means Death, Minx, Hacks.

02:59:31 – Drive My Car

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