The Scene-It Cast #021 | No Time to Die, The Guilty, Black as Night, Shadow in the Cloud & The Beguiled Movie Reviews

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Brooke and Nolan join Kova and Spoiler Steve to discuss PrimeVideo’s Black as Night, Netflix’s The Guilty and the final Daniel Craig iteration of 007, No Time to Die!

We’re also providing our 2017 review of the Beguiled plus our patreon review of Shadow in the Cloud with Brian and June!

00:03:38 – Box office projections and Spoiler-free reviews of Queenpins, The Night House, Together, Squid Game/Midnight Mass, Apple TV+ & Heels.

00:32:52 – The Beguiled (originally recorded July 04, 2017)

00:52:52 – Shadow in the Cloud (originally uploaded to our patreon January 17, 2021)

01:45:18 – Black as Night

02:10:17 – The Guilty

02:38:15 – No Time to Die 

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