The Scene-It Cast #019 | The Card Counter, Cry Macho, Skyfall & The Mule Movie Reviews

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Brooke and Paul join Kova and Spoiler Steve to discuss The Card Counter and Cry Macho!

We’re also providing the third episode of our Daniel Craig’s 007 retrospective series with Anne discussing Skyfall! On top of that, we have a throwback review covering The Mule!

00:03:17 – Box office projections and Spoiler-free reviews of Night Books, The Sopranos, AppleTV+, The Great British Baking Show, The Monster Inside, PrimeVideo’s Cinderella, Baking shows in general, the Sopranos again and Reservation Dogs.

33:32 – The Mule (originally recorded December 17, 2018)

01:05:05 – Skyfall

01:44:49 – Cry Macho

02:25:21 – The Card Counter

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