The Scene-It Cast #014 | The Protégé, Sweet Girl, Annette, Willy’s Wonderland & John Wick Movie Reviews

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Steve joins Kova and Spoiler Steve to discuss Sweet Girl! We also talk Prime Video’s Annette and the new theatrical release of The Protégé. On top of that we’re also providing our Patreon review of Willy’s Wonderland and our 2019 review of John Wick with Kevin as guest host!

00:03:01 – Spoiler-free reviews of Reminiscence, The Descent, Nocturnal Animals and banter talk including Hoarders & box office weekend projections

00:41:31 –  Preview of our Back to the Movies show on Patreon.

00:45:25 – John Wick (Originally recorded May 5, 2019 with Kevin)

01:02:05 – Willy’s Wonderland (Originally uploaded to our Patreon on February 23, 2021)

01:24:15 – Annette

01:42:01 – Sweet Girl

02:11:23 – The Protégé

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