Let Him Go (2020) Review

By Spoiler Steve

Let Him Go is one of the best airplane movies released this year. Stacked with a great cast, stellar performances and superb tension, this film will keep you engaged from beginning to end. 


The movie itself is straightforward with a linear timeline that provides great landscape shots of the Midwest. A couple’s son has a horrific and fatal accident who leaves behind their daughter-in-law and grandson.  A year goes by and their daughter-in-law is remarried to a mysterious man who Diane Lane’s character witnesses an abusive incident including her grandson. The couple goes by to check on their grandson the next day but the family is gone. This ignites a chain reaction that doesn’t slow down for the rest of the film.

There is not one bad performance in the movie but I did feel they used Kayli Carter’s character sparingly, more as a replacement for exposition. Smartly done from a story’s point-of-view, but it would’ve been nice to have seen more scenes with her and her son. 

There’s a lot of good shockers and twists you may not see coming. Kevin Costner has a great performance as the quiet and reserved grandfather George Blackledge, but I do feel the standouts in this film are Diane Lane as grandmother Margaret Blackledge, Lesley Manville and step-grandmother Blanche Weboy and Jeffrey Donovan as Bill Weboy. 

There are a lot of movies currently available for Premium Video on Demand, but I assure you Let Him Go won’t disappoint.

My Rating: 8.7/10