Spoiler Steve’s January 2021 Report & Recommendations

By Spoiler Steve

It’s already February and I’m here to help you catch up on all the new movies worth watching in 2021. Let’s start with the subscription services:

  1. Herself – Available on Prime Video
    A humble and organic story, you’re following the life of somebody which feels adventurous and keeps you involved the entire time. By the time the film ends, you feel like you know all these people. A well done story. Listen to the full review here.
  2. One Night In Miami – Available on Prime Video
    One of the most powerful film this past decade, Tammy Riker, her Regina King and Ken are a powerhouse team in which no one else could’ve pulled off. Listen to our full review here.
  3. Penguin Bloom – Available on Netflix
    A good movie about depression and acceptance, Naomi Watts and Andrew Lincoln elevate a bare bone script. Listen to our fill review here.
  4. Pieces of A Woman – Available on Netflix
    If you’re in the mood for a roller coaster of emotions and an Oscar worthy performance from Vanessa Kirby, then this is a must watch.

Now let’s take a moment and check out what’s worth checking out On Demand:

  1. News of the World
    Want to know what it was like to be a news anchor in the Wild West? Ok, well how about if it’s Tom Hanks telling you the news? Ok, now he also has to take care of a young girl he stumbles across. This is exactly what it sounds like; a perfect airplane movie for dads. Listen to our spoiler-free review here and the full review here.
  2. Promising Young Woman
    Carey Mulligan shines in this revenge/thriller. With twists and turns from beginning to end and great commentary on the double standards of sexual assault allegations, this will keep you guessing up until the last minute of the film. Listen to our spoiler-free review here and the full review here.

That’s right, out of the twelve new films out I’ve seen this past month, I’d only recommend half of them. Now lets take a look at what’s worth checking out in the first week of February.

February Recommendations

*These recommendations can be any film available to stream in the first week of February 2021.

  1. Assassination Nation – Hulu
  2. Booksmart – Hulu
  3. Fighting With My Family – Epix, Hulu & Prime Video
  4. The Fifth Element – Hulu & Syfy
  5. Get Shorty – HBO NOW, HBOMax & MaxGo
  6. Inception – Netflix & The Roku Channel
  7. Run – Hulu
  8. Shutter Island – Netflix
  9. Teen Wolf (1985) – Hulu
  10. The Vast of Night – Prime Video

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