Feature Fridays | December 25, 2020 | Scene-It Streaming Guide

Nolan Recommends:

Feature Friday Christmas Movies:

  1. Klaus (2019) – Netflix
    Expounding on the origins of Santa Claus, Klaus tells the story of a young heir who is forced to become a postman and meet a quota to retain his inheritance. He stumbles across Klaus, the man in which the Santa Claus story is based upon. Beautiful animation, heartfelt scenes and breathtaking ending make Klaus a must watch this holiday season.
  2. The Santa Clause (1994) – Disney+
    This franchise staple has helped cement The Santa Clause in multiple generations yearly rewatches. With a mixture of CGI and practical effects, that still hold up quite well, this is a perfect Christmas movie for watchers of all ages.
  3. Operation Christmas Drop (2020) – Netflix
    A brand new release this year, Operation Christmas drop tells a unique Christmas story set in a tropical backdrop. This one is easy to add into your holiday rotation with the kids.

Scrooge Movie(s):

  1. Jingle All The Way (1996) – Directv, Sling, TNT and TBS
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Christmas smash hit Jingle All The Way is so much fun you’ll ignore how absurd everything about it is. Sinbad lives up to his name in this one.
  2. Gremlins (1984) – FuboTV, Sling and Directv
    A Christmas classic for the scrooges out there that are pro-Christmas decorations but anti-Christmas spirit. Do not show this to children 6 and under or they may be too scared to rewatch this movie until they’re old enough to blog about it. I’m speaking hypothetically of course.

Laid Back Weekend Binges:

  1. How To With John Wilson (HBO Max)
  2. Moonbase 8 (Amazon Prime Video and FuboTV)
  3. Nathan For You (Hulu and HBO Max)
  4. Most Extreme Elimination (Amazon Prime Video and Tubi)
  5. What We Do In The Shadows (Hulu)
  6. Ted Lasso (Apple TV Plus)
  7. Home For Christmas (Netflix)

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