Throwback Thursdays | December 24, 2020 | Scene-It Streaming Guide

Spoiler Steve Recommends:

Christmas Eve Movie Night:

  1. The Night Before (2015) – FuboTV, FX
    First and foremost, there’s no better movie to watch the night before Christmas…well maybe, but you see where I’m going with this. An amazing holiday movie that takes the spotlight off your usual Christmas traditions to focus on the true meaning of family. Also, Seth Rogan has a great scene tripping face during Midnight mass.

Throwback Christmas Movies:

  1. Elf (2003) – FuboTV and Starz
    A great classic to revisit especially with the new Netflix series The Holiday Movies That Made Us.
  2. Die Hard (1988) – HBOMax
    I’m not here to argue if this is a Christmas movie. I’m here to tell you to watch Die Hard!
  3. Lethal Weapon (1987) – HBOMax
    Another great Christmas classic! It only looks like summer because of the desert scenes and the fact it takes place in Los Anglesey. Don’t get confused, this belongs in your December holiday rotation

Throwback Thursday Movies:

  1. Little Nicky (2000) – Netflix
    One of Adam Sandler’s better films before he hits his movie slump, this surprising still has some good laughs and a killer soundtrack.
  2. Lord of War (2005) – Hulu
    A great Nic Cage film along with Ethan Hawke, Bridget Moynihan and Jared Leto. A story about a son of an immigrant becomes one of the most notorious and powerful arms dealers in fictional history.
  3. Cool Runnings (1993) – Disney+
    A classic that I also need to revisit, just because Mando is over doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good to check out on Disney+.

Throwback Christmas TV Hour:

  1. The Big Bang Theory – The Santa Simulation S6 E11 (HBOMax)
  2. X-Men: Evolution – On Angel’s Wings S2 E7 (Disney+)
  3. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983) – Disney+

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