Stephanie’s Oscar Predictions

The 93rd Academy Awards, the climax of awards season is upon us.  Airing on Sunday, April 25th the golden statues will be awarded to those whose contributions to the past year of film (deserved or not) will generate weeks of conversation over merit, ability, popularity and talent. I anticipate awards season every year because as a fan of cinema, I am often surprised and perplexed by the Academy’s choices. I also have found myself overjoyed for the actors and filmmakers who have worked their entire careers for this recognition. Lets get into my 2021 Academy Award predictions for some of the most anticipated categories:

Actor in a Leading Role

Chadwick Boseman for his role in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. If the rest of awards season is any indication, Boseman will earn this coveted award posthumously. His role was played with conviction and his acting skills were paramount to this film’s ensemble. Although a nomination for this role was well deserved it wasn’t a “lead” role and therefore should have been nominated in the supporting category.

Actor in a Supporting Role

Daniel Kaluuya for his portrayal of Fred Hampton in “Judas and the Black Massiah”. “Dynamic” and “captivating” are just a few of the words that can be used to describe this performance. It’s up against some stiff competition but it will surely earn the award.  As many know from previous years, the portrayal of a historic figure always grabs the voters attention and this year will be no different. Well deserved, but surely not a surprise

Actress in a Leading Role

Francis McDormand for “Nomadland”. This prediction is tough because this is a category with a few nominees that have a shot at the coveted award. I landed on McDormandbecause she gives audiences an undeniable performance as a nomad living out of her van as she travels the country. Her portrayal of someone we have all known or have been ourselves, drives this performance home and would make for a very well deserved win. I’ve been incorrect in my predictions before but I have a feeling this year I cracked the code. 

Actress in a Supporting Role

Olivia Coleman in “The Father”. I must admit that no one performance stood out to me in this year’s list of nominees. The performance I enjoyed the most (YUH-JUNG YOUNin “Minari”) is not likely to win the award for reasons that I will not attempt to explain, nor do I completely understand. Coleman is a superb actress whose performance in this film does not go unnoticed and this role was a nice addition to her already stellar resume. The Academy seems to love these types of performances and therefore, if she wins I will not be shocked or disappointed. Plus, who doesn’t love Olivia Coleman?

Animated Feature Film 

Soul. This film captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Pixar rarely misses when it swings for the fences and this film is no exception. You can take that prediction all the way to the bank!

Best Picture 

Minari. This film was a bright spot for many this past year, almost a “sleeper hit”. Whether audiences expected it or not, this film hit all the right notes. This heartfelt and realistic portrayal of an immigrant family’s love and dedication is what drives the audience’s positive experience. If you haven’t already seen this gem please take time to sit back and enjoy. You will laugh and cry, sometimes all during the same scene and then yearn to do it again. That is a sign of a great story, great writing and ultimately a great experience.